The Three Hundred | Global Adventure
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David’s Mighty Men.
The Spartans at Thermopylae.
Gideon’s 300.
Across the ages, small bands of men have stood against insurmountable odds. Spurred by the power of their brotherhood, and strengthened by their faith in a Higher Power, these men defied their small numbers to become formidable fighting forces. Legends who inspired other men, protected their families, and changed the course of history.

Join a group of men who are committed to see a re-emergence of Biblical Manhood: of men who are not afraid to be protectors of their families, who are not afraid to be accountable to their brothers, and who are not afraid to train up a new generation of sons and daughters.


As part of the Three Hundred, Dave Hearn and the team at Global Adventure will help you jump-start your own faith and inspire the men around you. In our SITREPS, you will receive activity ideas, resources, and challenging devotionals to help you lead your own “band of brothers.”

Your membership entitles you to:

  • Regular issues of The SITREP, on topics like Honour, Courage, and Strength
  • 10% discount on all Global Adventure Events
  • 10% discount on Global Adventure merchandise or equipment
  • Your own bespoke events for your church or group: one free entrance for every 7 full-paying attendees
  • Access to Three Hundred-only events


For a donation of £3 a month (or more), you have access to this group of men and resources. Your donation is invested back into this group and goes towards the charitable work of Global Adventure.

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