What We Do

At Global Adventure, we put on various excursions, adventures, and expeditions with the purpose of improving the lives and relationships of all participants.

Parent & Child Weekends

Build memories–build skills.  We call this ‘training’ for a reason!  Both you and your son (or daughter!) will grow practically and emotionally together, learning new skills while building your relationship.  This is our flagship programme in many ways, and it really catches our heart.  The F.A.S.T. programme includes weekends on:

  • Identity
  • Strength
  • Relationships
  • Calling
  • Initiation



starts at c£200/pp/weekend, including food & lodging; final price depends on activities and locations


If you know a young person without an older male family member, our trained and DBS-checked volunteers act as “big brothers” throughout the weekend.

For more information, contact us at events@global-adventure.org

Caving Weekend

One of our most popular weekends.  Based in a rustic hostel in Somerset, you will enjoy a day of multiple caving trips into the caves of Cheddar Gorge.  Explore, learn, and have a good time with friends and family.  This trip is suitable for ages 8+ and is perfect for exploring with those little ones.  Our experienced and safe guides ensure you will have a great time!  Includes 2 nights hostel accommodation, all meals from Friday supper to Sunday breakfast, equipment, transportation, and guides.




Sunday Climbing day

Upgraded hotel stay

For more information, contact us at trips@global-adventure.org

Adventure Day

This bespoke package brings fun to your doorstep.  You provide the location, we provide the activities–custom tailored to your group.  Perfect for scouts, schools, churches, or maybe a fun family birthday party, we work with you to deliver the perfect day.


  • Forest School sessions
  • Slack lining
  • Team-building activities
  • Inspirational messages
  • Survival & bushcraft training – complete with gross-out challenges
  • Fire-lighting demonstrations
  • and more…


Depends on activities and locations


If you don’t have your own space to use, ask us and we’ll arrange!


For more information, contact us at events@global-adventure.org

Forest School Day

Explore and enjoy our natural spaces.  Designed for primary aged participants, but HUGE fun for ALL ages.  Child-led, we explore and learn about the world around us, building, climbing, playing, and using our imaginations.  Suitable for groups, and parents are encouraged to join in as long as they play along!  We’ve received great feedback from kids and parents alike.  Messy, fun, creative–and it is sure to tire your little ones out…

Our price includes a campfire lunch, hot/cold drinks, and equipment.


£200/day + expenses


For more information, contact us at events@global-adventure.org

Survival Training Weekend

Learn techniques to survive in the wild.  

Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes?  Always intrigued by those wilderness shows?  Well, our survival training weekend with help you answer those questions.  Our fun event intersperses training and testing, teaching you techniques to use and then diving into a scenario to see if you can use those skills ‘in the wild’!   Taught by ex-military trained leaders, you will learn how to start a fire, build a shelter, forage or trap for food, and purify water… and most importantly, keep your head!

Price includes food and ‘lodging’ au naturalle


£ 300 pp., with discounts for couples and groups



For more information, contact us at events@global-adventure.org