• Learn Life Skills and Grow together
    Father And Son Training
    The FAST program aims to provide a forum and opportunity for fathers and sons to spend quality time together, learn new skills, and enjoy the outdoors together. FAST will provide a safe initiation experience that fathers and sons can walk through together.
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  • Do Hard Things.
    Men’s Adventure Discipleship
    Men aren’t looking for high tea, they’re not looking for some tepid bible study, they are looking for a battle to fight and a princess to rescue. As men, we are called to so much more than we usually live out in our daily routine.
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  • Round the World Missions
    The Pursuit
    Participants take a nine-month journey spanning six different continents–in each country there’s a new adventure to complete. Participants will be relying on faith, training and wits to reach ministry destinations and serve in communities around the world.
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  • Extreme Mission Teams
    Emergency Mission Teams
    Trained, experienced teams who are prepared to go anywhere in the world to have a real impact by saving people’s lives and reaching unreached places with the gospel. These teams are highly trained and committed to each other and the mission.
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The mission of Global Adventure is to provide adventurous opportunities to learn together, serve communities, and to disciple the next generation.


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