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Global Adventure was founded by Dave Hearn, who after a ten-year stint in the US Air Force, entered the world of leadership development and non-profit charities.  There, he mentored dozens of men and women and recognized one thread through them all: they wanted to live a life of purpose and adventure.  But often they lacked the skills, the grit, and the work ethic to make that a reality.  Out of these relationships, Global Adventure was born.


Dave recognized another theme: these young adults, most of them young men, lacked an initiation.  They lacked a defining moment, or perhaps a childhood of defining moments, that would usher them into the realm of manhood.  After years of study on the topic of initiation, Global Adventure became a way of leading boys to become men, men to become brothers, and family units to build better relationships through outdoor adventure and frankly, risk.

Meet Our Team

Tim Miles

A former Army Engineer section commander, Tim served for over ten years, in Germany, Central America, Eastern Europe, the Falkland Islands and Northern Ireland. He has led numerous charitable and humanitarian missions teams to Albania where, he eventually settled in order to continue the work.

An experienced caver, mountaineer, climber and hill walker, Tim helps to head up these activities for Global Adventure. As a former paramedic of over ten years experience; now medical practitioner, Tim is the group medic. His garage experience is often useful give the Landrovers we drive.

Tim says ” there is no more vital task than to train our next generation of leaders; people who can step up, step forward and take the lead wherever they find themselves. Global Adventure will develop this essential, life long ability in you”

Tim Prestidge

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Jason Emanuel

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David Hearn

Dave spent ten years in the US Air Force as an intelligence officer, with tours across the US, and in Germany and Italy.  In 2006 and 2008, he was deployed to Iraq as part of a task force made up of Allied Tier 1 special operations forces attacking al Qaeda across the Middle East.  The brotherhood and camaraderie he experienced changed his outlook on life–he realized that there was more to life than the normal 9-to-5.

After leaving the forces, Dave committed to working with young people and opening their eyes to something bigger.  A charity director and mentor, he has worked and spoken to thousands around the world.  Now based in the UK with his British wife and their three kids, he has earned his UK Mountain Leader and Forest School Leader qualifications and uses them to help lead people on trips and expeditions.

What We Do

Global Adventure uses the great outdoors to teach on topics such as honor, integrity, true strength, courage, and brotherhood.  Your ‘classroom’ might be the South Downs Way, the Canadian wilderness, your local park, Snowdon, the Inca Trail, the Peak District, or a cave in Cheddar Gorge–designed to be accessible yet challenging for all!  We hold events through the year, but we can also put on bespoke challenges for your family, mates, community  or church group.